Eileen Burke is a loan officer with a 16-year track record of delivering exceptional personal service to everyone, regardless of their situation, and finding the loan that best “Fits” their needs.

Her emphasis has been on:

VA home loans – You’ve given for it – You deserve it. Some of the benefits are 0% down, relaxed credit requirements, no mortgage insurance, lower rates, fewer closing costs, up to 4% credit from seller, protection from housing defaults, etc. We also offer assistance educating possible additional benefits.

Home Equity Conversion Loans which offer, to those who are 62+, the ability to convert hard earned home equity into cash, have no monthly mortgage payment and, the funds may be used as the client wishes. Many people find themselves in need of additional retirement resources these days and a helping hand to enhance their financial position.

Give Eileen a call for a no-obligation consultation!

Eileen G Burke, Loan Officer
NMLS# 506622
Phone: (423) 677-2338

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